Our current OEM/ODM partners consist some of the world’s most famous brands.  We also have partners that are very promising start-up companies.  GigaFast’s strength is to provide a one-stop solution for all of our OEM/ODM partners and transform their ideas into innovative products. With a dedicated engineering team, GigaFast has developed a wide range of product line covering multiple powerline communications.


Our Taiwan based engineering team has been working on home networking for over a decade and productizing powerline based networking for over half a decade. It is with this experience plus our enthusiasm that makes GigaFast the best ODM partner for developing custom solutions to meet your customer needs. For OEM partners, we are able to provide the most competitive product lines with the fullest set of features.


GigaFast has manufacturing plants in Dong Guan, China and Sijhih City, Taiwan with prototype and low volume manufacturing done in Taiwan, and high volume production done in China. Our manufacturing department prides itself in excellent cost and quality control. Our purchasing department is continuously sourcing for lower cost components to keep product costs competitive in the market. Our manufacturing capacity is scale-able with quality control personnel stationed not only in Taiwan, but in China as well.

Marketing Support

With a US based marketing team, we are able to provide our OEM and ODM partners with not only marketing information but creative marketing assistance in product and packaging design. Services can be partial with the customer providing all marketing material and designs, or full service with GigaFast’s creative marketing team working with the customer in developing their own unique branding
and style.

Sales Support

Our sales headquarters in San Jose, California enabling us to have a fluent English speaking sales team that supports our world wide customer base. We also have project managers in each of our offices in Taiwan and China, providing each of our Asian customers with up to date support. Europe is currently supported by our US headquarters, but our European customers benefit from almost 24 hour support by our combined US and Taiwan offices. Almost any time of day, either office can be contacted regarding any support issues. Our team works closely with our OEM and ODM partners helping them grow their customer base.