PE928-PLA | QCA6400

With GigaFast HomePlug AV 36-watt Wall-Mount Ethernet Power Supply, you can instantly turn an Ethernet device such as a set top
box, router, or IP camera, into a HomePlug Powerline network device. Once this PE928-PLA is on the Powerline network, you no longer
have to pull long Ethernet cables from one device to another. Now the network content is being transferred through home electrical
power lines. This PE928-PLA operates on HomePlug AV standard, providing up to 200Mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring. Another
distinguished feature of this PE928-PLA is that it has a built-in power supply which provides electrical power to your Ethernet device
using an Y cable. This feature eliminates the need for an extra power supply and at the same time saves an electrical socket space.

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Datasheet | PE928-PLA