PN929-EPg | BCM60321

The GigaFast HomePlug AV nano Ethernet Bridge with Pass Thru operates on the HomePlug Powerline AV specification standard, providing up to 200Mbps bandwidth over home AC wiring. This PN929-EPg is the smallest HomePlug pass thru bridge with noise filtering power socket in the market! This PN929-EPg has a built-in AC socket with noise filtering feature. As a result, another device needing power can be plugged into the AC socket on this PN929-EPg without taking up another wall socket. The built-in noise filter effectively reduces noise interference from the device plugged into the PN929-EPg’s pass thru socket, thus improving its network bandwidth performance. Combined with a broadband DSL/Cable connection, every room with electrical power outlets will have easy access to high-speed Internet connection. With the 200Mbps high bandwidth, this PN929-EPg can provide fast streaming HD movies, online multi-player games, and other data intensive activities for today's HD Entertainment Center demand. With a plug and play installation, you can easily combine all of your AV electronics together and instantly enjoy your Entertainment Center from virtually any room in your home.

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Datasheet | PN929-EPg