Digitimes : GigaFast launches HomePlug AV2 (gigabit-class) MIMO PLC series and introduces high definition PLC-based home monitoring system

GigaFast Ethernet, an OEM/ODM manufacturer of HomePlug powerline (PLC) technology equipment, has launched a series of HomePlug AV2 MIMO PLC Ethernet Bridges during Computex. HomePlug PLC technology is an innovative solution that turns electrical outlets into wired network connections by simply plugging a pair of these bridges into sockets without pulling any extra cables. The addition of MIMO technology to PLC utilizes the third ground wire to create multiple paths for data communication.

GigaFast’s HomePlug AV2 MIMO Ethernet Bridges are a major step forward for multimedia networking, providing better performance and higher quality networking over existing home wiring, as well as additional coverage compared to predecessors They are interoperable with HomePlug AV,  HomePlug Green PHY, and IEEE 1901 certified devices.